18 Totally free things to take home from the hospital after you have a baby 

18 totally free things to take home after you have baby

So you’re getting close to having your baby? You already have your bag packed, (and if you don’t, you should read my post about what to pack here.) You have your doctor on speed dial, and you are checking your calender every five minutes because you know that your due date just HAS to be here soon. And it will Mama! Trust me it will! Sooner than you think.

anyways,i was cleaning my house and I came across some baby stuff that I got from the hospital when my son, Sebastian was born. It got me to thinking that some Mamas might not know that they can get and take things home from the hospital when they have their baby. The hospital provides you with a lot of things for you and for your baby while you are there. Most of these things you can take home and are encouraged to. I have put an easy list of things you should take home with you after you have your baby.

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The number one thing that hospitals like to give you is diapers. They usually will have size newborn diapers in abundance for you. The bad part is that some babies(including both of my boys) might be too big to fit them or they will very quickly outgrow them.) But hey, a free diaper is a free diaper, use them while you can!


The other half to diapers. Lots and lots of sweet smelling baby wipes all for you to use on your little lovebug.

Diaper cream

Usually you will get a tube of one brand and a pack of all different sorts of brands samples. This is a good thing because you can try out all the samples and find the one you like the most. My personal favorite is A&D diaper rash cream. It helps to prevent diaper rash before It starts. They also make one that helps to treat the rash once it has started. It is awesome too! (another plus is that it doesn’t stink like some creams!)


Ok so I’m not sure if they give this to you if you have a girl, but I know that they do when you have little boys. Unfortunately, boys get circumcised and part of caring for their little private parts is putting on Vaseline each and every time you change his diaper, which as you can imagine requires quite a bit of Vaseline. When I left the hospital they gave me a whole bag of the stuff! I still have Vaseline left over lol. Luckily, there are lots of things you can use Vaseline for. See my post about how to care for your sweet peas circumcision here.

Baby wash/lotion

You may not get a whole lot but the hospital usually gives you a travel pack and depending on what hospital you are at, they may give you full sized ones to take home.

Nasal Aspirator

Most hospitals will give you one of these to take home. You will definitely get use out of it, as little babies have lots of gunk in their teeny noses and babies cannot blow their noses for some time.

Receiving blankets

You will get tons and tons of receiving blankets if you want them. You can never have too many so I would take a few with you. The only downside is they aren’t that cute, but it’s nice to have your babies first blanket as a keepsake.

Baby Hat

When baby is born the hospital will put a baby hat on him or her. Some hospitals will also give them an additional hat to keep. At the hospital where I had my son he was given an extra one that a group of older ladies knit and give to all the babies that are born at the hospital. It’s really important to keep babies head warm when they are first born so take advantage of this one.


Almost every hospital will give you formula to take home with you. While you are there they will provide it for baby if you are not breastfeeding and also to help supplement baby if you are and baby is having a hard time with it. They will send you home the baby bottles of formula and usually sample cans as well. This is awesome if you are formula feeding (which I did with my first son) because formula is SO expensive. Even if you are breastfeeding I would take it because you never know if you might need it those first couple weeks. Breastfeeding can be challenging and sometimes you may have to supplement. Or if you don’t end up using it you can always give it to someone in need.


If you are going to formula feed or even if you are breastfeeding and pumping you are going to always need extra bottles and nipples. The hospital usually gives you the throw away kind of nipples that attach to the little bottles of formula. Take them because you never know when you will use them. They connect and fit perfectly to the Medela pumping bottles. If you run out of clean bottles then popping one of those disposable nipples on the pumping bottle is perfect. By the way, if you are in need of a breast pump, here is a review on the one I use and LOVE!


Most hospitals will give you a pacifier or binky as we call it in my house. I bought a bunch of them and brought one with me to the hospital, but the more the merrier( trust me you will lose these constantly and should have back up!)

Diaper bag

When I had my first son the hospital gave me an Enfamil diaper bag and it was awesome because I didn’t actually have one at the time. This time with my second son they gave me a ice bag to keep formula or breast milk cold. I literally use it everyday as I pump at work. Most hospitals will give you one or the other.

Pads(the GINORMOUS ones)

After you push your sweet pea out you are going to be S-O-R-E. And bleeding, like a lot. The hospital will give you these heavy duty, ginormous pads to put on. You will change them constantly because you will soak them almost instantly the first couple of days. They are super awkward, but you will need the coverage they provide.

Ice pack

When you first have your baby the nurse will give you your ginormous pads and usually they  will give you these glorious ice pack things that you stICK on top of the pad and it will give you SO much relief. I swear these things are heaven sent. Take as many as you can!!

Disposable mesh panties AKA the biggest granny panties EVER

These the funniest looking underwear and almost don’t look like underwear at all, but they help keep that massive pad that you have to wear in place and protects your clothes from getting blood on them.


This is the bottle that you fill up with warm water and helps clean you up when you are using the restroom since it is kind of painful to wipe when you pee. You absolutely need this for some weeks.

Antiseptic spray

This is the spray that you spray down there after you pee and then you use your peribottle to rinse yourself clean.

Numbing spray

Sometimes they give this to you and sometimes you have to ask, but if they don’t give it to you, ask for it! It relieves the pain down there and trust me when I say you want all the relief that you can get the first couple of days.

Remember, you chose to come to that specific hospital to have your precious little baby and this is the way the hospital thanks you. Also keep in mind that you are paying for all of those items in your hospital stay, so take what you need and get ready to enjoy your sweet pea!





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