30 fun things to do with your kids when you’ve run out of ideas

30 fun things to do with your kids


They’re  staring at you. Bored. Whining. “Mommmmm we’re bored. Play with us” Sound familiar? I know all about it girlfriend! So what’s a Mama to do when boredom strikes the kiddos? Refer straight away to my list of 30 fun things to do with your kids of course! I’ve put together a list of fun things to do so you don’t have to even think about it. Take a peek below to see all the cool stuff you can do with your kids.

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Build a fort indoors.

Oh man! I can’t tell you how many times I did this as a kid. And there’s so many ways to make one. The easiest way? Take 4 kitchen chairs and space them out with two on each side and throw a big blanket over top. Instant fort. Then grab some toys and get inside and make some memories with your baby!

Have a tickle fight

This was/is probably my son’s favorite thing to do. What kid doesn’t love being tickled?! Tickle your kid and then let them tickle you. See who can make the other laugh the most. Sure fire way to get those big belly laughs you love to hear

Have movie night

Pop some popcorn, grab some candy or some yummy cookies, get a big comfy blanket and pop in a movie. To this day my 11 year old LOVES to have movie night.

Have a tea party

What little girl doesn’t love a good tea party. I can remember being a little girl and placing all my doll babies around in a circle and placing my porcelain tea cups on their little plates and serving “tea” to my refined guests. It was even better when my Mom or Grandma would sit down and join in the fun. I especially loved my American Girl doll Samantha. Who else remembers American Girl! I had all the books!

Play paper dolls

Ok so this is taking it waayyy back, but playing with paper dolls was one of my favorite things to do as a kid. I’d sit for hours taking off one outfit and putting on another. I loved it. I really enjoyed showing them off to my Grandma and then she’d make suggestions as to what hat or shoe I should put on her to match.

Play a board or card game

My son and I play everything from Sorry to Uno to Monopoly to Candy Land. As a kid my Mom would play Trivial pursuit Jr and Guess who with me. We also loved Uno. My Mom worked very long hours and was in school full time so I rarely saw her for more than a kiss goodnight so any time we got to spend with each other I enjoyed. This was a fun way to spend quality time with her.

Collect something

Pick out something to collect with your child. As a kid I collected coins and porcelain dolls. My Grandma would take me to the antique stores and help me find the doll I wanted and she had a book for me to keep my coins in too. I always looked forward to going and searching for stuff with her.

Have a dance party

Randomly turn on some music and just dance crazily. My 11 year old still loves this. We turn on new music and do the dab or we turn on old music and do the twist. Either way there’s lots of laughing and memories being made.

Color pictures

Grab some crayons and coloring books and color a picture together.

Snuggle together in your bed

One of the things my 11 year old asks for the most is to get in my bed with me. He still remembers all those years of snuggling in my bed and he still loves to. I let him climb in and we just sit and talk or watch a movie together. This is great quality time as sometimes kids just want to feel like babies to you again. P.S. I love that he doesn’t feel like he’s too big to still get in Mommy’s bed!!

Bake something together

One of my son’s favorite things to do with me is to bake something. We usually do cupcakes or cake. His favorite part is breaking the eggs! He really likes decorating the cupcakes with the sprinkles too. You’re also teaching them to cook at the same time.

Make up a game to play

So one day my son was REALLY bored and bugging me to entertain him, and I had run out of activities for him to do. I came up with this game that in my mind sounded so dumb, but guys, he LOVED it. He still asks to play it to this day. So here’s what we did. We took a notebook and ripped out pages and balled them up into little paper balls. I had about 5 and so did he. I went on the floor on one side of my bed and he went on the other. I have a really tall bed so this worked perfectly! And we proceeded to throw them at each other. The object was to hit the other person and because the bed was tall you could duck and pop up and move all around to get the other person. Because the balls were just paper they didn’t hurt when we got hit either. My son laughed so much during this game I knew it was a hit. Also, it cost ZERO dollars to make and play. Sometimes the littlest things mean the most to a kid.

Watch and feed animals

As a kid I loved to watch the birds with my Grandpa. We had many bird feeders and even a bird bath for the birds to come to and I was fascinated by them. Taking your child outside to feed the ducks, squirrels, birds or any other animal is an awesome way to bond and for your child to learn something about animals and nature.

Go to the Zoo

What kid doesn’t love the zoo?! Getting to see all the cool animals and where they live is so much fun!

Go to the playground

Children love the playground. You know what they REALLY love? When you get out on the playground and play with them on it. Go down the slide with them, swing next to them on the swings, hang upside down from the monkey bars too! Plus there are usually other kids at the playground for them to play with and this is good for learning social skills.

Catch fireflies

Oh how I remember warm summer nights in Indiana at dusk running around trying to catch fireflies in little mason jars. Watching them light up brought me so much joy. Just make sure you let them go after a minute or so!

Have a water balloon fight

Super cheap way to have a bunch of fun. Buy some water balloons, fill them up with water and chase each other around with them. Every kid loves to get wet, especially on a hot day.

Make S’mores

S’mores are oh so yummy and should be a part of every kids childhood. If you don’t have a fireplace or fire pit, you can also make them in the microwave at home!

Go to the beach

If you live near the beach, pack up a bag and a blanket and go swimming at the beach. Pick up seashells and make sandcastles together. Just be careful not to go out too far and look out for jellyfish!

Play I Spy

I’m not a big fan of this game, but it kept my kids entertained for hours.

Play dress up

If you have a boy you can play dress up in Daddy’s clothes and shoes or you can put on costumes that you might have from Halloween. If you have a girl you can play dress up in your clothes and shoes or Halloween costumes or any number of dresses or boas and wigs. There are so many possibilities!

Play with makeup and/or face paint

If you have a girl you can play by putting makeup on each other. Little girls LOVE doing this. If you have a boy you can take turns painting each other’s face with face paint.

Paint each other’s nails

Girls love to get their nails painted. Take turns painting each other’s fingernails and toenails. Use sparkly colors and stickers too!

Go on a picnic

Pack a basket full of all you and your kids favorite foods and take it to a park nearby and sit and have a picnic in the sun!

Make a flower necklace

You know those little white flowers that grow in the grass and are basically a weed? Or those flowers where you blow them and all the little fuzzy stuff blows off? Pick these and tie them to each other and voila! you have a flower necklace or bracelet.

Make ice cream sundaes

Kids love ice cream. Grab a couple bowls, scoop out some ice cream and let your kids pour on the syrup and sprinkles!

Do a craft together

Michaels has a lot of fun, kid friendly crafts you can purchase and Pinterest has a never ending flow of ideas for crafts you can do with your little ones.

Shoot some hoops

Most kids like to get out and play outside, so shooting some hoops is great activity to do with your kids. You can play Pig or a little one-on-one.

Read a book

One of my fondest memories from my childhood is reading books with my Grandma. We would pick a book or a book series and we would take turns reading to each other. It’s a great way to spend time together and help improve your child’s reading skills. One of my favorites as a kid was The Boxcar Children series. My son and I love to read all of the Harry Potter series too.

Go to the movies

Such a fun thing to do, especially on a rainy day when you can’t go play outside.

I hope this gave you some ideas of some fun things you can do with your kids. The main thing is that you all are together and having fun. What fun things do you do with your kids? Let me know in the comments.





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