5 tips to speed up your morning routine 

this article gives tips to help speed up your morning routine

If you’re anything like me, you’re not a morning person and your mornings can be hectic. Between feeding babies, making breakfast and getting lunches made, mornings can be a stressful part of the day. Here are my 5 tips for an easy, peasy stress free morning.

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    1. If you have a baby—> pack the diaper bag the night before. Get everything the babysitter will need and pack it in the diaper bag the night before. It helps to write down a checklist of what needs to go in the diaper bag as well. That way you don’t forget anything in your half asleep state lol
    2. Get everyone’s clothes picked out, ironed and laid out ready to put on in the morning. This includes socks, belts, undershirts, etc. Children forget everything! My son will walk out of the house with no belt on and his shirt on inside out with non-matching shoes if I don’t pay attention.

3. Pack lunches when you are cooking dinner the night before. Better yet, pre-pack them for a week. I like to bag all my fruits, cookies, goldfish, etc and group them together in the fridge like an assembly line. Them all you have to do is put everything in the lunchbox and go.

4. Make sure that anything leaving with you is ready by the door. In the mornings I have to take the diaper bag, my purse, my pumping bag, my lunchbox and my son’s backpack down to the car and the last thing I want to do in the morning when I’m half asleep is look for all my stuff. Everything is all in one spot by the door waiting on me and then I never forget anything.

5. Feed the baby while pumping. If you’re like me and you exclusively pump, then you know that sometimes baby wakes up while you are doing your morning pump. My son will laugh and play for a little bit, but soon he’s getting whiney and wanting his milk! In the meantime time is a ticking and you still have to finish pumping. This is where your hands free pumping bra comes in handy. I would die without it! It makes pumping so much easier because I can actually move my hands while pumping! I prop my son up against some pillows or his boppy  (another God send) and give him his bottle, saving me a good ten minutes to boot!

Do you have any tips to help speed up morning routines? I’d love to hear them!


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