How I increased my milk supply in 24 hours 

How I increased my milk supply in 24 hours

It’s inevitable. Your milk supply starts to drop. I still remember when mine did. I was horrified. I kept wondering what I did wrong. But after the initial shock and tantrum throwing, I bucked up and figured out how to get things back on track. I know this is a common issue for breastfeeding Moms so I’m going to share with you guys what worked for me! Here’s how I increased my milk supply in 24 hours.

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So first things first. Let’s talk about how I got to a point where my milk supply tanked.

Why did my milk supply drop?

Cutting out pump sessions

I first noticed it was dropping when I began cutting out my night pumps. For so long I had pumped every 3 hours 24/7. Let me tell you girl it gets old quick! In the beginning I didn’t mind so much because my son was already up throughout the night, but when he began sleeping through the night and then I went back to work, enough was enough. So I began to cut out my middle of the night pump. This wasn’t so bad. I still produced about the same amount of milk. I did this for a few months but then I got even lazier. I cut out my before bed pump. At first I didn’t notice a difference, but slowly I saw the amount start to drop. Sometimes I would cut out the evening pump too if I was too sleepy.

My Cycle came back!

Then one day BAM my cycle came back. I was surprised because I thought as long as I was breastfeeding that my cycle wouldn’t come back. I now know that it came back because I stopped pumping as much and it signaled my body that we were getting ready to stop.

I stopped drinking a lot of water and eating enough

Another thing I did was not eat as much as I had been. You have to take in enough calories to properly produce enough milk. I had slowed down eating mostly because I wasn’t as hungry as I had been. Because I wasn’t pumping as much I wasn’t needing to replenish myself as much either. Same thing goes with my water intake. I slowed down on drinking and everyone knows you have to drink lots of H2O to make lots of milk.

So now I knew what led me to my milk supply dropping. What was I going to do to fix it?

How I increased my milk supply in 24 hours

Drink LOTS of water!

The first thing I did was buy a huge case of water and immediately start drinking it. I drank and drank and drank some more. Every time the bottle was empty I filled it back up.

Eat more meals and healthy snacks

Along with buying the water, I bought healthy snacks to pack and bring with me to work. I went back to making myself eat breakfast before I went to work giving me the calories I needed to properly produce more milk. I stopped skipping my snacks. Those snack breaks gave me the calorie boosts I needed.

Added back in my evening/night pump sessions

I added my evening and before bed pumps back in. To produce more milk you must drain your breasts completely and often. Because I had cut out these two pumps I wasn’t doing that. By adding them back in I started producing more milk again. 

Began taking Fenugreek

Most important I bought this miracle pill called Fenugreek. I had read many articles talking about how great this stuff was. I was skeptical though. I had read things that said it didn’t help at all. And I think that everyone is different. What works for one person might not work for the next. But it’s worth a try. So I bought the Fenugreek and began taking it. Omg! It was like a light switch. I immediately noticed a difference within about 12 hours of starting it. I liked that it was an herb and not some medicine that I had to take and worry that it would cause the baby some kind of issue or make me grow a tree branch out the side of my neck lol. I take it 3 times a day and they recommend you take 2-3 pills at a time. It was like a little miracle wrapped up in pill form. I had always had a big supply of milk so when it dropped I was devastated. I was nervous wondering how I was going to produce enough to feed my baby. This pill helped ease my nerves. The one downside is that you will start smelling like maple syrup. Which in my book isn’t necessarily a bad thing lol. I mean I love pancakes so it’s fine by me. But seriously guys this stuff made all the difference in increasing my milk supply.

I know how hard breastfeeding and pumping can be Mamas! And I know how difficult keeping your milk supply up is too. Hopefully these tips will help yours boost up like they did mine.

What did you do to increase your milk supply? I want to know! I’m still nursing and could always use a good tip!

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