How to make homemade baby food-A step-by-step guide

A step by step guide to making your own homemade baby food

When I made the decision to make my own baby food I knew I would need to do a lot of research. I mean, I knew nothing about how to make home made baby food. But I was determined to try. I knew I wanted to control what went in my little mans body.
So I did extensive research on why it was a great idea to make home made baby food. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to do it you can read my post “Why I decided to make my own baby food.”

After researching on all the pros and cons of making home made baby food, I decided to go for it! But… how?  I’d never made my oldest sons baby food. We just grabbed some Gerber and rolled! I needed to find out how to actually make it.

So I went on my favorite thing in the world Aka Pinterest and searched how to make homemade baby food. I read and read and watched many videos. And finally tried it out for myself. Nowadays I’m a pro at making my own homemade baby food. So let me show you how to make some for your little angel!

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What you will need

  • Fresh or frozen fruit, veggies or meat
  • Food processor or blender. The one I use and love is the Ninja Express chop. I like this one because it’s small, inexpensive and it gives you the option to chop it in big or small pieces or purée. Which is important when making your homemade baby food because as your baby grows the texture of food changes.
  • Ice cube trays or these trays with covers on them that I’ve been using and adore! They are so easy to slide out of the compartment and the top ensures no freezer burn.
  • Air tight containers to store food for  fresh daily use in. These ones are the best because they are don’t take up a lot of space in the fridge and they stack on top of each other.
  • Ziplock bags. I only use these because I know for certain they are BPA free and I love having the reassurance that my babies food is safe and healthy for him. 
  • Aluminum foil. If you are going to use regular ice trays you need to have something on top to cover up the food.

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Step One

Take your fruit/veggie out and wash and clean it. Unless you are using frozen in which case skip to step two.

Step Two

Place fruit/veggie on cutting board or hard surface and slice into small pieces. I like to do small pieces about the size of a quarter.

A step by step guide to making your own homemade baby food

Step Three

Take pieces of fruit/veggie and place them in a pot on the stove. Fill with enough water to just cover the food. Turn on high to boil or place food in steamer and steam for appropriate time. Note: each fruit and veggie will have a different cook time. Usually you will cook for about 6-7 minutes but it can be more or less depending on the food. 

A step by step guide of how to make your own homemade baby food
Step Four

After food is soft from steaming/boiling, remove from heat and let cool. I like it to be completely cooled down before I put it in the food processor since it is going to be touching plastic. Place food in food processor and add the leftover water from pot in too. You may need more water or less depending on how thick you want the consistency of the food to be. The water from the pot should be used since a lot of the vitamins seep out of the food when it is cooking. In the beginning when your baby first starts trying food, you probably want to make the food a little more watery so I would put a little more liquid in. Blend food up in food processor.

A step by step guide to making your own homemade baby food

Step Five

Now that you have your food all blended it’s time to store it!  Take your nifty trays and pour the food in each cube. Remember that each cube is about 1 oz. Cover with your top or wrap aluminum foil over top of using regular ice trays and put in freezer. If you are using your airtight containers to put in the fridge, pour food in container, screw on top and stack in fridge. Make sure to use within a few days.

A step by step guide to making your own homemade baby food A step by step guide to making your own homemade baby food

Step Six

Once food is completely frozen, take food out of trays and place in your ziplock bags and squeeze out all air and seal. Write what kind of food you made and the date you made it on front of bag and place in freezer.

A step by step guide to making your own homemade baby food
Voila! You just made your boo his/her own food! There are so many variations of foods you can mix together. The possibilities are endless! Let me know if you guys make your babies baby food.

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4 thoughts on “How to make homemade baby food-A step-by-step guide

    1. Hi Vanessa, you can take the ice cubes and warm them up in the microwave or you can put them in an air tight container the night before and defrost them for the day ahead. You can also warm up the little plastic containers too. I like to warm them up in a ceramic or glass bowl though. Good luck! Let me know if you have any more questions!

    1. Hi Brooks, great question! You can keep the food for up to 3 months in the freezer as long as it is stored in an airtight container or bag, however I like to use my stuff up within a month. In the fridge I say no longer than a week. 🙂

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