How to make homemade peaches baby food 

An easy how to guide on how to make homemade peaches baby food So we figured out how to actually make our own homemade baby food and why in How to make your own homemade baby food. And if you haven’t read this post yet please do!  So now you need some recipes! One of the first foods that you can give baby and is super quick and easy to make is peaches! Both my boys LOVED peaches. I mean who wouldn’t? They are sweet and juicy and full of good stuff for growing bodies. So let’s look at how to make homemade peaches baby food.

What you’ll need

  1. Peaches- these can be fresh or frozen. Whatever is in season or is easiest for you
  2. Pot or steamer to soften up peaches
  3. Blender or food processor. This is the one I use and LOVE. I love it because it can chop, mince or purée. Which helps as your baby grows and starts to explore different texture and sizes of food.
  4. Containers and ice trays. I use these containers for refrigerator storage and love them because they are the perfect size and stack for easy storage. I use these ice tray containers and like the easy to slide on lid. You could also use regular ice trays like these and use aluminum foil to cover the top too.
  5. Ziploc bags for storage. 

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Instructions on how to make homemade peaches baby food

Step One:

Take fresh peaches and pit them and slice into small pieces. I would say about the size of a half dollar. Or empty bag of frozen peaches into steamer or pot.

An easy how to guide on how to make homemade peaches baby food
Step Two:

Put peaches pieces into steamer or pot of water to boil. Fill your pot with just enough water to cover your peaches. Or if using a steamer put water in first and then place peaches in the steamer basket. Boil or steam until soft enough to easily slide a fork through the peach.

An easy how to guide on how to make homemade peaches baby food

Step Three:

Let cool.

Step Four:

Place peaches into your blender or food processor and blend until completely puréed. As your baby gets older you can adjust the texture of the peaches. Also before blending make sure to pour in some of the water you cooked the peaches in, into the blender as it is full of the vitamins from the peach.

An easy how to guide on making homemade peaches baby food

Step Five:

Pour peaches purée into ice trays and cover. Stick in freezer. Or pour into your storage containers and place inside your refrigerator.

An easy how to guide on how to make homemade peaches baby food

Step Six:

If freezing, take out trays and place ice cubes into a Ziploc bag, label and date it. Make sure to squeeze all of the air out of the bag before you seal it. Put bag in freezer.

Voila! You just made homemade peaches baby food! Give yourself a pat on the back.

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