How to shop on a budget-tips to shop smart and stylish

How to shop on a budget Ok I’ll admit it, I HATE paying full price… for Anything! I’m just not into wasting my money. I’ve always valued my money and Hey! I worked hard for it, I want to keep it lol. But I am a girl and what do we girls love to do…. SHOP! I love to buy new clothes (who doesn’t?)It’s something about putting on a brand new cute outfit that gives you a boost of self confidence and makes you just feel like you can take on the day. But sometimes shopping can get expensive. And if you’re like me and on a limited income, you have to try to shop on a budget. So the question is How do you shop on a budget? I’ve put together some tips on how I shop on a budget and still look stylish and put together.

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Shop at Discount stores

Going into stores like TJ Max, Marshalls, Ross, Burlington, etc. is an awesome way to shop on a budget. In fact, I buy almost 75% of my 11 year old’s clothes from these type of stores. Why? Because it’s easy to shop on a budget there. I can find Nike, Adidas, Jordan, Under Armoir, Polo and so much more for a fraction of the price I’d pay a department store.

True story: my husband and I went to the mall and bought my son a new pair of Jordan’s. Suuuupppeerr expensive in and of themselves. We were in Kids Foot Locker and these particular shoes had a odd color combination and they had shirts right there that matched perfectly. Problem was those shirts were $35 dollars. To me that’s a lot of money. Especially for a kids shirt. I bought it knowing that I probably would have a hard time finding something to match the shoes elsewhere. Fast forward a week later and I’m in Burlington Coat Factory and I kid you not, I see the same EXACT shirt for $8.99. 😱 I almost cried. I was so angry. By this time my son had worn the shirt and it had been washed so I couldn’t return it. Lesson learned! I always go to discount stores first. There are such cute clothes and shoes and at such a good price. Beware though! There are lots of home good items that are also inexpensive that you can end up going over budget on. Make a list and stick to it!

Shop clearance sales and racks

So I’m not a huge fan of department stores. Mainly because of the expensive prices. I mean it’s like they price gouge everything! But, the great thing about these stores is when they have sales! Look in your paper and online to find out about sales that stores are having.

A lot of stores have clearance sales or clearance racks that you can take advantage of. I scored an adorable lace  turquoise tank top from JC Penny for $3! And a hot pink Nike top for $4. All in the clearance rack. They have clearance sales more often than you think.

Another place I get clothes on clearance from: Walmart! Now I know some of you are giving me major side eye right now. You’re probably thinking that Walmart has cheap clothes and they don’t hold up. Well I gotta tell you that Walmart has come a long way. Now I’m not saying these clothes will last you forever, but the quality has definitely improved from years ago. I see stuff for $1-$5 all the time! And those plain tanks and tees are always dirt cheap and are staple items. The clearance rack is where it’s at!

Sign up for store coupons

Signing up for a store’s coupons and updates is a big way to save and shop on a budget. Certain store like JC Penny and Macy’s send out really good coupons. And I am always getting a notification about when a particular sale is. If you shop just sales and on clearance you can score some great steals!

Negotiate the price

If you go to a clearance sale and something has been marked down due to some kind of issue with the clothing, such as a stain or tear don’t be afraid to ask the sales associate to lower the price more. I’ve done this and gotten money taken off because the item was damaged and they just want to get rid of it. Sometimes it’s something easy to fix yourself by washing or sewing.

Shop at thrift stores

So this is probably my favorite tip and the most fun one too. Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve loved shopping at thrift stores. You can totally find some great items for really cheap. I have found brand new stuff with tags still on for next to nothing. It’s like a scavenger hunt! Sometimes people buy something and then realize they don’t like it and just donate it instead of returning it.

You can also take advantage of sales that thrift stores have. The local Goodwill where I live has sales on different days of the week for different colors of clothes. It’s pretty cool. I love how they organize things by color. It makes it easy to find and put together outfits.

Try going as often as possible as thrift stores rotate clothes often. Another thing that I do is shop at the thrift store in the more expensive part of town as the clothes are usually nicer in quality and brand. I have found brand new shoes and clothes this way.

Shop at Poshmark and Mercari

Another cool way to save a ton on clothes and shop on a budget is to shop apps like Poshmark and Mercari. These apps are where you can shop and also sell your clothes that you no longer want. I have found so many cool, inexpensive pieces on these two apps. You also can make a little money to by reselling your clothes. It’s kind of like a thrift store, but just online. It’s so easy to search for brands you love or whatever type of outfit or shoe you might want right from your phone and for cheap! You can sign up here for Poshmark and if you enter my code “PCBKK” you get a free $5.00. If you want to sign up for Mercari, you can download the app on the app store or Google Play store and use my code “PVFNYW” to get a $2.00 credit.

Make a list and budget BEFORE you shop

One of the ways that I personally overspend is by going shopping blindly. When I just walk in the store without a budget and list , I always go over budget. Try to write down what items you are looking for. Set a budget and commit to not spending more than that. I try to buy items that can go with multiple things. Like a cool jacket that I can mix and match with different shirts or a few shirts to go with a pair of pants. Buying some statement jewelry such as a necklace can really spice up a plain shirt or dress that by itself might be a bit boring.

Shopping on a budget may seem hard, but can actually be really fun and easy once you organize a list and budget and shop smart. What do you do to save money and shop on a budget?

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