Remembering to be thankful

Hi Mamas!

So today I was scrolling through my snapchat feed and came across this article about Anias and Jadon McDonald. I don’t know if you guys have read or seen this story, but back in October these two twins were separated from one another surgically. They were born conjoined at the head. I’ve been following this story since October and feel so emotionally involved. The article today showed the boys seeing each other for the first time.

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As I looked at the picture of these precious boys gazing at each other, I couldn’t help but cry. It was so beautiful.

For 13 months these babies have endured 3 surgeries to separate themselves(not including the 4th and final surgery that just happened). They have been sick and in pain more often than not, and looking at that picture of them staring at each other was amazing!

As I read the McDonalds story I was reminded of how lucky I am. Lucky to have 2 beautiful, healthy, smart normal children.

I think we take for granted that our children are healthy. I know I do. Both of my sons and myself have been sick all weekend and I took Sebastian(the baby) to the doctor and he tested positive for RSV. I about cried right there. My baby had been wheezing for two days and could barely sleep and finding out that he was going to be sick for three weeks and that if we weren’t very careful it could develop into a pneumonia? I was so scared and upset.

Seeing my baby cry in pain and frustration made me feel helpless. I wanted to take the pain and bear it for him. So after watching and reading the story on Anias and Jadon, I thought Wow! Could I handle my sons being in pain all the time? How would I bear it? And to be really honest with you, I don’t know. I have a strong faith in God and I know I would lean on his word, but I’m sure I would be an absolute wreck.

It made me feel thankful. Thankful that my boys are in good health. And I had to tell God that. Sometimes we forget to humble ourselves and thank God for our blessings. I believe seeing Anias and Jadon’s story was a reminder for me to be thankful.

I have been following the McDonalds story and am rooting them on and praying for those cute little boys to have a speedy recovery. The strength of those parents is awe-inspiring. Check out their go fund me page here if you would like to donate to the family. The surgery was very expensive and staying with the boys and caring for them has been hard financially on them because they cannot work as they have to care for the twins and they also have a three-YEAR old son to take care of as well. Every little bit helps. If you pray, keep this family in your prayers. And today, lets all try to remember to be thankful. I know I am.

What are y’all thankful for today?! Leave me a little note and tell me!!

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