What to pack in your hospital bag when you’re having a baby 

what to pack in your hospital bag when you're having a baby

So, it’s almost time to meet the little person who has been wreaking so much havoc over your body these last ten months. The person you knew you loved the moment the stick turned pink. It’s almost time and you have got so much on your mind. Am I going to be a good Mom? Did I buy everything I need? Do I have enough diapers? Will I produce enough milk? The last thing you need on your mind is worrying about if you are packing everything you will need for your stay at the hospital.
So…. I put together a list of EVERYTHING you will need to pack in your hospital bag when having a baby! Now you can cross this off your long list of things to do before you have baby. YAY!!
Take a peek below and get your duffel bag ready

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1. Comfortable Clothes

While you’re there you are going to be the most uncomfortable you’ve ever been in your entire life. So it’s a good idea to bring soft, breathable clothes with you. Make sure you bring soft socks and slippers to walk around in too. (Who wants their feet to touch the yucky hospital floor?) You’ll also want those comfy clothes for after you have your sweet bundle of joy because your tummy will still be big for a while and you will be bleeding and changing your massive granny panties often! Which leads me to my next must-have…

2. Granny panties

Ok so you know that pair of big, cotton panties you have set aside in the back of your panty drawer? The ones you set aside for dear Aunt Flo? Well, you are going to need even bigger ones than those. Get the biggest ones you can actually fit, preferably in a Darker color. You are going to need these for the Ginormous pads they are going to give you to wear after you have baby. The first couple of days I recommend wearing the netted panty shorts the hospital gives you to go over your pads since it’s like a water faucet down there for a while.

3. Robe

Hospitals are always cold! Like icy cold! I guess because of the germs, but it never hurts to have a big, fluffy robe to keep you warm.

4. Big, comfy pajamas

You unfortunately usually spend at least two nights in the hospital so you want to be comfy while you sleep. Bring some loose-fitting pajamas that are easy to get on and off.

5. Blanket/pillows

This isn’t for everyone, but it gets cold in the hospital and those hospital blankets are stiff and not at all warm and cozy. Have hubby bring you a blanket or comforter from home and a pillow or better yet a body pillow if you have it.

6. Chapstick

Necessary! When I had my firstborn, the first thing I said after I pushed him out was “where’s my chapstick?” When you are pushing you get horrible cotton mouth and all the ice chips in the world cannot help. Bring it, slather it, thank me later!

7. Body wash/shampoo/body poof/toiletries-

After you push your sweet baby out you are going to want a shower some kind of bad and it’s going to be sore down there so get a soft body sponge To gently clean yourself and your favorite body wash. Bring shampoo to wash all the yucky sweat from your hair because you will sweat! Trust me. I wouldn’t worry about shaving since your back will be sore(if you got the epidural) and you won’t feel like bending over much. Bring lotion to  lather yourself up after you take your shower and make sure you bring your toothbrush/toothpaste and face wash as well. If you are a makeup gal then bring that too. I personally didn’t because I knew from experience that the last thing on my mind would be how I looked, but some people want to look nice for their visitors or pictures and I can understand that!

8. Hair tie

Trust me, you’re going to want to tie your hair back in labor. You will get hot and sweat and want it out of your face. Another good idea is braiding your hair back before you go in the hospital. One of my girlfriends French braided mine after I had my second son and it was awesome because I didn’t have to worry about it being tangled or me having to do anything to it. Bring your hair brush along too!

9. Your nursing bra

If you are going to breastfeed bring your nursing bra and a pack of breast pads with you. Also bring your nipple cream as your nipples may get sore from the constant latching.

10. Camera or phone+charger

If you have a camera that you are going to use to take pictures then bring it as well as batteries and it’s charger. Make sure that you also bring your cell phone and it’s charger too. I like this portable one that you don’t have to plug up to.

11. Snacks

the hospital will provide you with meals and snacks, but I know I was still hungry. Bring a couple of your favorite snacks to keep you full.

12. Diaper bag

Make sure that you have a bag dedicated to just baby. Also, bring an extra bag to bring home all the cool stuff that the hospital gives you. Normally they will give you lots of diapers, wipes, Vaseline, formula, coupons, blankets, etc. Take it! It’s their gift to you! Make sure you also check out my post 18 totally free things to take home from the hospital after you have a baby to see all they cool stuff you get.


13. At least three onesies

Just in case your baby love throws up or has a major blowout and needs an extra change.

14. Two sleepers

It’s cold in there! Wrap baby in a super snuggly sleeper.

15. Two pairs of socks

You’ve gotta keep those cute little feet warm!

16. One receiving blanket and one heavy blanket

The heavy blanket is mainly if you have a baby in cooler weather and are taking him/her outside. Keep in mind that the hospital will bring you lots of receiving blankets as well.

17. Baby hat

You will want to keep babies head nice and warm, especially those first few days.

18. An outfit for pictures and an outfit for going home

Choose wisely as you will be taking lots of pictures in these clothes and will always look back on them years later!

19. binky

(if you plan on using one.)

20. Bibs

You are going to use a bunch. Bring at least 5.

21. Bottles

If you are formula feeding. You should also have if you are breastfeeding because at some point you will need a break and someone else will be feeding them. I had this set because the nipple is designed to replicate a woman’s nipple. my son had no problem with it at all. they are also bpa-free. get them here.

22. Carseat

You can’t leave the hospital without one. Drop by any fire department and they will make sure that it’s properly installed for you. the one I have I fell in love the moment I saw it. it is a dark turquoise and it had great ratings(this is important, read the reviews on everything!) Plus it’s almost $50 cheaper on amazon then on babies r us.

23. Glasses/Contacts

If you are blind like me, bring your glasses and glasses case or contacts and case and contact solution. It’s so easy to forget.

24. Hand sanitizer

There’s always some in the room, but getting up and down is hard the first few days so having it nearby is easier.

25. Boppy or nursing pillow

These are so helpful when you are breastfeeding. This is the one I had and loved. It is so soft!

26. Diapers/wipes/cream

So technically you probably don’t really need diapers or wipes since the hospital provides them for you, but if you’re baby ends up being ginormous like mine were, then they probably won’t fit into the newborn size diapers that the hospital gives you, so bring some of your own and definitely some diaper cream. The best one is this one by A&D. They also make one that treats the diaper rash once baby has it. The one in the link helps prevent it.

Now you should be all set! Just put your bag next to the door and relax!

And while you’re at the hospital you should take advantage of all the cool free stuff you can take home for you and your new bundle of joy! Check out what FREE stuff you can get by reading my post here.





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