When can babies start drinking milk 

When can babies start drinking milk

So you’ve been excited/dreading this day. Your baby is almost One years old!!! You’re excited because your baby is getting bigger and doing more things. You get to plan his/her’s first birthday party! Your baby is starting to talk now and has a mouth full of the cutest teeth you ever saw! BUT you’re also sad because you might also be getting ready to stop nursing your baby and begin giving them regular cow’s milk. But when do you stop nursing or giving your baby formula and when can babies start drinking milk? I guess it depends on who you ask. Let’s take a look together and find out!

When should you stop nursing/formula feeding?

Only you as a Mother know when you are ready to stop nursing/formula feeding. I would say that around the one year mark or soon after you should start considering it, especially if you are formula feeding. As your child grows, his/her’s needs will change and require more vitamins and minerals.

When can babies start drinking milk?

Pediatricians recommend giving babies milk at the one year mark or a little older. If you are breastfeeding you can still do so while giving baby milk.

Why can’t I give my baby milk before the one year mark?

Pediatricians say that babies who are given milk before the one year mark are not being given the proper vitamins and nutrients that they need to grow. Milk does not contain sufficient amounts of vitamin E, iron and fatty acids. In addition, it contains too much protein, sodium and potassium and the babies body cannot handle it. It also can cause microscopic gastrointestinal bleeding and blood loss if given too early. Some babies also have an allergic reaction. It’s better just to wait for your baby to turn one years old.

How much milk do I give my baby?

The American academy of pediatrics says that 16 ounces a day of milk is a sufficient amount for a one year + old baby to drink. More than this can cause anemia. It can also cause baby to not eat as much of the food that he/she needs because he/she is full from the milk.

When can I give my baby 2% or skim milk?

It is recommended to not start giving your baby 2 % or skim milk until your baby turns 2. Growing babies need lots of fat in order for their Brains to develop properly so wait until they turn 2 before you make the switch.

Giving your baby milk needs to be a gradual transition to allow your babies body to adjust. I recommend transitioning over a one month period. I hope this post helped answer any questions you had about starting your baby on milk.

When did you start giving your baby milk? How long did it take you to transition them? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

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