When things don’t go your way

If you've had a bad day where everything seems to go wrong, then keep reading because you're not alone. I have those days too. And here is what you can do about it to feel better!Hey Mamas! How was yalls day? Hopefully it was better than mine. Have you ever had a day when things don’t go your way ? You woke up on the wrong side of bed, you forgot to grab breakfast, you got fussed at by your manager. Your kids left their lunchbox in the car and you had to run it back to school and still get back to work. I could go on and on for days! Today was one of those type of days for me. I was sad and frustrated and feeling very unappreciated.

I think we as mothers feel this way a lot. Maybe it’s that your kids are struggling in school like my oldest. Not because they aren’t smart or capable but because they choose not to reach their potential. Or maybe they have a disability like mine has ADHD. This can be extremely frustrating. As a Mom, I just want my children to be happy and successful. When they struggle with something I just want to fix it. Or maybe it’s that you woke up on the wrong side of the bed because your little one didn’t want to go to sleep when he was supposed to.

When things don't go your way

Now look at him! Knocked out like an angel. Meanwhile Mommy was falling asleep while baby climbed all over her like a little monkey earlier. Lack of sleep can cause you to not be at your best. I know it does for me. I need sleep and lots of it! Or maybe it was your manager fussing at you for something that wasn’t even your fault but somehow you got blamed for it. This happens at every ones job and it can make you feel angry and unappreciated. Or maybe someone hurt you or broke your heart. Or left or moved or even passed away.

There are all types of bad things that happen daily to us. To me. But throughout all of those things I try to remember that God is in charge. Of my life. My thoughts and my emotions. And if I am struggling to handle those things all I need to do is pray to him for strength and he will help me! I know I know it sounds easier than it is. That’s because it is! The praying isn’t the hard part. It’s the patience we must have in waiting for his divine answer that is the problem. But the Bible says if we are patient and call upon him then he will always answer us. He may not always give us the answer we think we want. But he always gives us what we need. Sometimes that is a hard pill to swallow. We are naturally impatient. We live in a generation and world where there is immediate gratification. We want something we get it. But anything worth having is worth waiting for. And God already knows our story! He knows what is best for us. So when we are having a rough day God is just preparing us for a really great day soon! I try not to give in to my frustration and impatience. I try to remember that God is in control. No matter what life throws at us, we can still endure and keep on pressing through. So to all my Mamas that had a bad day like me, remember that today is just one day, that soon shall pass and with its passing, God will bring you a better one!

God Bless!


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