Why I’m celebrating pumping being over

The baby is almost one! And that means pumping is finally almost over. Let me tell you why I'm celebrating pumping being over.So I’m almost done yall! I’m rounding third on my way to slide into home! I’m almost done with breastfeeding!!! Sebastian is finally approaching his first birthday(insert picture of me crying and sniffling because my baby is growing up on me.) That means we are one step closer to whole milk and no more pumping for Mommy! Now some of you might give me side eye and say I’m wrong for being tired of pumping and breastfeeding, but let me give you some reasons why I’m celebrating pumping being over.

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  1. I can now go places for longer than three hours at a time! Because I exclusively pump, I have to pump every three hours and when I don’t my boobs become engorged with milk and if you breastfeed you know how painful that can be. Engorgement can lead to plugged milk ducts and plugged milk ducts lead to mastitis. Eww no fun at all! Btw if you need to know How to clear clogged milk ductsย you can read my post on it here.ย I am thrilled to be able to stay out for however I want to now!
  2. I can actually relax when I’m at home! It’s kind of annoying to constantly have to stop what you’re doing and pump. Especially at night when I’m ready to fall asleep. Now I can just go to sleep!
  3. I can wear cute and sexy bras again! Girl! I’m going to burn my nursing bra when I’m done pumping. Now don’t get me wrong. I LOVE my nursing bra. It is comfortable. It is super convenient to pump and breastfeed in, but it is not at all sexy or cute. It’s gotta go!
  4. I don’t have to wear nursing pads anymore. These ones are the best ones I have used. They were super soft and stuck well to my bra but they made me feel so unsexy. Every time my husband would try to take my bra off(I know, a little TMI ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) I would feel a little embarrassed because I had the nursing bra on with pads stuck to it. lol. I think we all want to be sexy for our husbands right?! I know I do ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. No more pumping at work. I can’t tell you how much flack I caught for having to pump at my job. I will be posting a whole post soon about this. It’s amazing that in our day and age, people can still act funny about us trying to feed our babies. I’ll be happy that I can consistently work without having to go pump and not get hassled about it.
  6. I don’t have to hear that sound the pump makes anymore lol. I love and adore my Medela pump in style advanced pump. But it’s one flaw is the sound.ย (Find out why I love and chose this pump here.)

Why I'm celebrating pumping being over
So there are my reasons why I’m celebrating pumping being over. I know there’s some small part of me that will miss it. Probably not the actual pumping, but I will miss providing the nourishment of milk for my baby. It’s such an amazing thing we Mamas can do, isn’t it?!

How about y’all? Are y’all happy to be stopping?

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